Here is the deal . . . I love what I do because I love using my head to orchestrate, and capture photographs of beautiful, colorful things and the people who are enjoying the luxury of the beautiful things THEY have created.

Steve Wrubel

About Steve

I am drawn to events where people are laying it all on the line, and giving it everything they’ve got to have the most fantastic event of their lives.  Weddings, celebrations, you name it, if you are putting your heart and sole into your party, I know I will want to be there to capture the magic of what you have created. 

I also love shooting art and have another site where you can see much of what i have created.  Portraits of the world . . .

There is nothing in the world like a wedding, or fiftieth anniversary or the birth of a baby.  These are priceless moments and I get an extreme amount of gratification out of being the one who gets to deliver the forever memories of these moments in photographs.  A lot has changed in the world of photography, but the value of a perfectly shot image of a priceless moment still remains and those images are the single most important keepsake we take with us for the rest of our lives and the lives of children.

I love what I do because I get to create the things that people say they would grab out of their house if their house were to catch on fire.

I love what I do because I get to meet fascinating people and I get to know them really well.  I don’t believe in showing up at crunch time without getting to know my clients as well as I possibly can.  The pictures represent my clients, and the more I know about them and the more they know about me, the better the pictures are.  Every time.  Guaranteed.  Besides.  I like people.

That’s my deal….  Howdy!